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IBEW Journeyman Electrician, Husband, Father and Sysadmin of an ever growing homelab.

3.3V CH341a Signal Output Modification

After realizing that my Black CH341a was not working as intended while flashing my x230 with Coreboot, (it was sending 5V to the signal outputs instead of 3.3V) I decided to attempt the fix I found online. It went well and only took about 15 minutes. All that is required is a decent soldering iron, a couple of hand tools, some small wire and a good amount of patience.

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Preseed Debian 9 – UEFI with Encrypted LVM

I had a difficult time finding good, easy to digest info online on how to do preseed a Debian install with Encrypted LVM. There’s a couple of blog posts, the Debian Wiki and some Serverfault/StackOverflow questions that led the way for me to accomplish this. (the helpful links are at the bottom of this post.)

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pfSense – HAProxy – Port 443

This guide was written using pfSense with package HAProxy Version 1.7.11

I finally figured out how to configure the HAProxy pfSense package to allow for incoming traffic on port 443. It took around a week’s worth of evenings to understand things just enough to get them working. Currently, I have a few web services running as well as my inbound VPN traffic for when I’m out and about.
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